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Designing products. Managing change.

Managing your products and manufacturing processes in an ever changing world whether they be your own products or your customer’s, is continually challenging. And when your PLM or PDM solution cannot speak to your ERP System you lose the ability to quickly adapt to changing market needs.

We have the answer

Total Engineering Change Management is not a separate software solution. It operates as a module within Microsoft Dynamics AX making engineering control a solution within ERP, not a bolt-on. It operates in the same database and instance which means you benefit from the seamless integration to other Dynamics AX modules including financial information. It is developed with the same tool set that Microsoft uses. Since it’s a Dynamics AX module, Total Engineering Change Management inherits the core features of Dynamics AX including user setup, security, report writers, and the same interface. You’ll come up to speed quicker with our integrated solution and more importantly, you’ll implement at a much lower cost.

Key Capabilities

Protect your new product designs (intellectual property)

New products are engineered in a sandbox which is a duplicate of the standard AX product tables. That means that new designs are not visible in the standard production tables and security can be limited to only those personnel relevant to the scope of the project keeping your IP under wraps during design.

Engineering Sandbox

Manage Products, Bills of Material, Routes, Formulas, and Production Flows in the sandbox from a central engineering order. Model new products or changes to products in the sandbox and release to the production environment through workflow and e-signatures.

Price and Cost Estimating

Perform cost and price calculation on new designs including full manufacturing consumption costs. Since Total Engineering Change Management is a module in Dynamics AX, you benefit from this integration to estimate the cost and price of new products, and changes you make to existing products.

Cost Impact Analysis

Make a change to a product bill of material or to a purchased item and quickly see a detailed analysis as to what that change will cost and what inventory and processes are impacted.

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