Improved visibility through a powerful solution

As regulation increases so does complexity. Our solutions facilitate better reporting and controls with inspection plans to ANSI, NIST, and ISO standards that are automated.

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Improve time to market in a rapidly changing industry

High-tech and emerging industries are driven by intense competition and quickly changing market conditions. Our solutions will help you bring products to market faster through simulation tools and impact analysis when your products change.

The road to quality and control for Automotive

8D (Disciplines) for Corrective Actions and Nonconforming Material reporting integrated to Dynamics AX insures your compliance to the Automotive standards with ANSI, NIST, and ISO sampling plans.

Compliance through software innovation for regulated industries

E-signatures to Title 21 CFR Part 11 with audit trail is only one step for regulated industries. We have a comprehensive solution for the complete process for inspections, limited distribution, product recalls, and traceability from design to delivery and service.

Simplify the processes of a highly complex industry

Aerospace industries face sophisticated inspection processes and complex engineering requirements in an agile industry. Our solutions simplify the complexities through easy-to-use software that automates the processes and improves time to market.

Complex products require powerful solutions

Control your processes from design to delivery through engineering and quality software built within Dynamics AX. Products are designed within an engineering sandbox with complete manufacturing cost estimation including multi-level engineering bills of material and production routes.


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